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Economic Brief

These web-exclusive essays on current economic issues and trends are based on staff economists' ongoing research and published work.

October 2018, No. 18-10

Inequality in and across Cities

Jessie Romero and Felipe F. Schwartzman

August 2018, No. 18-08

The Impact of Higher Temperatures on Economic Growth

Riccardo Colacito, Bridget Hoffmann, Toan Phan and Tim Sablik

July 2018, No. 18-07

Slowing Growth in Educational Attainment

Urvi Neelakantan and Jessie Romero

May 2018, No. 18-05

Estimating Aggregate Fiscal Multipliers from Local Data

Bill Dupor, Marios Karabarbounis, Marianna Kudlyak, M. Saif Mehkari and David A. Price

April 2018, No. 18-04

The Roots of ‘Bubbly’ Recessions

Helen Fessenden and Toan Phan

March 2018, No. 18-03

Preventing Bank Runs

Renee Haltom and Bruno Sultanum

February 2018, No. 18-02

How Does Family Structure during Childhood Affect College Preparedness and Completion?

Adam Blandin, Christopher Herrington and Aaron Steelman

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