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August 2018, No. 18-08

The Impact of Higher Temperatures on Economic Growth

Riccardo Colacito, Bridget Hoffmann, Toan Phan and Tim Sablik

July 2018, No. 18-07

Slowing Growth in Educational Attainment

Urvi Neelakantan and Jessie Romero

May 2018, No. 18-05

Estimating Aggregate Fiscal Multipliers from Local Data

Bill Dupor, Marios Karabarbounis, Marianna Kudlyak, M. Saif Mehkari and David A. Price

April 2018, No. 18-04

The Roots of ‘Bubbly’ Recessions

Helen Fessenden and Toan Phan

March 2018, No. 18-03

Preventing Bank Runs

Renee Haltom and Bruno Sultanum

February 2018, No. 18-02

How Does Family Structure during Childhood Affect College Preparedness and Completion?

Adam Blandin, Christopher Herrington and Aaron Steelman


December 2017, No. 17-12

Transitioning from High School to College: Differences across Virginia

Emily E. Cook, Jessie Romero and Sarah Turner

November 2017, No. 17-11

Can We Tax Social Security Benefits More Efficiently?

Helen Fessenden and John Bailey Jones

October 2017, No. 17-10

Should We Worry about Trade Imbalances?

Thomas A. Lubik and Tim Sablik

September 2017, No. 17-09

Are the Effects of Fiscal Policy Asymmetric?

Regis Barnichon, Christian Matthes and David A. Price

August 2017, No. 17-08

Understanding the Surge in Commercial Real Estate Lending

Helen Fessenden and Catherine Muething

July 2017, No. 17-07

Responding to Urban Decline

Santiago Pinto and Tim Sablik

May 2017, No. 17-05

Medical Spending in Old Age

John Bailey Jones and Jessie Romero

March 2017, No. 17-03

Are the Effects of Monetary Policy Asymmetric?

Regis Barnichon, Christian Matthes and Tim Sablik

February 2017, No. 17-02

How Couples Approach Portfolio Allocation

Helen Fessenden, Nika Lazaryan and Urvi Neelakantan

January 2017, No. 17-01

Does Redistribution Increase Output?

Kartik B. Athreya, Andrew Owens, Jessie Romero and Felipe F. Schwartzman


November 2015, No. 15-11

Why Are Women Leaving the Labor Force?

Maria E. Canon, Helen Fessenden and Marianna Kudlyak


December 2014, No. 14-12

Understanding Market Failure in the 2007-08 Crisis

Borys Grochulski and Wendy Morrison

October 2014, No. 14-10

Investing over the Life Cycle: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Tim Sablik

September 2014, No. 14-09

Putting the Beveridge Curve Back to Work

Thomas A. Lubik and Karl Rhodes

August 2014, No. 14-08

The Prevalence of Apprenticeships in Germany and the United States

Nika Lazaryan, Urvi Neelakantan and David A. Price

July 2014, No. 14-07

Should the Fed Do Emergency Lending?

Renee Haltom and Jeffrey M. Lacker

April 2014, No. 14-04

The First Time the Fed Bought GSE Debt

Renee Haltom and Robert Sharp

March 2014, No. 14-03

The Richmond Fed Manufacturing and Service Sector Surveys: A User's Guide

David A. Price and Aileen Watson

January 2014, No. 14-01

Learning about Fiscal Policy Uncertainty

Christian Matthes and Tim Sablik


December 2013, No. 13-12

How Risky Are Young Borrowers?

Peter Debbaut, Andra C. Ghent, Marianna Kudlyak and Jessie Romero

November 2013, No. 13-11

Assessing the Risks of Mortgage REITs

Sabrina R. Pellerin, David A. Price, Steven Sabol and John R. Walter

September 2013, No. 13-09

Is Fiscal Austerity Good for the Economy?

Renee Haltom and Thomas A. Lubik

May 2013, No. 13-05

Does Money Still Matter for Monetary Policy?

Renee Haltom

March 2013, No. 13-03

Fed Credit Policy during the Great Depression

Tim Sablik

February 2013, No. 13-02

Why Do Debit Card Networks Charge Percentage Fees?

David A. Price and Zhu Wang

January 2013, No. 13-01

All Mortgages Are Not Created Equal

Karl Rhodes and Breck Robinson


November 2012, No. 12-11

Are Depression-Era Employment Swings Overstated?

Jonathon Lecznar, Jessie Romero and Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte

September 2012, No. 12-09

Can Orderly Liquidation Solve the Problems of Bailouts and Bankruptcies?

Betty Joyce Nash, Sabrina R. Pellerin and John R. Walter

August 2012, No. 12-08

TARGET2: Symptom, Not Cause, of Eurozone Woes

Thomas A. Lubik and Karl Rhodes

May 2012, No. 12-05

Microenterprise and the Small-Dollar Loan Market

Tammie Hoy, Jessie Romero and Kimberly Zeuli

March 2012, No. 12-03

Loan Loss Reserve Accounting and Bank Behavior

Eliana Balla, Morgan J. Rose and Jessie Romero

February 2012, No. 12-02

Experimenting with Contingent Capital Triggers

Edward S. Prescott and David A. Price

January 2012, No. 12-01

Where Are Households in the Deleveraging Cycle?

R. Andrew Bauer and Betty Joyce Nash


December 2011, No. 11-12

The Federal Reserve's "Dual Mandate": The Evolution of an Idea

Aaron Steelman

July 2011, No. 11-07

Monetary Policy with Unknown Natural Rates

Thomas A. Lubik and Jessie Romero

May 2011, No. 11-05

The Role of Interchange Fees on Debit and Credit Card Transactions in the Payments System

Tim Mead, Renee Haltom and Margaretta Blackwell

February 2011, No. 11-02

Small Business Lending During the Recession

Betty Joyce Nash and Kimberly Zeuli


December 2008, No. 08-03

Turmoil in the Student Loan Market

John R. Walter and Samuel E. Henly

November 2008, No. 08-02

What Income Inequality Measures Can (and Cannot) Tell Us

Leonardo Martinez and Stephen Slivinski

October 2008, No. 08-01

Inflation Expectations: Their Sources and Effects

Yash P. Mehra and Devin Reilly

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