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Econ Focus

Econ Focus is the economics magazine of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. The quarterly publication covers economic issues affecting the Fifth Federal Reserve District and the nation.

Fourth Quarter 2020

Cover Story: The Rise and Sudden Decline of North Carolina Furniture Making
The industry was hit hard by offshore competition

Second/Third Quarter 2020

Featured Article: The Making of Reston and Columbia
Reston, Va., and Columbia, Md., were founded in the 1960s with similar visions for inclusive, connected communities

First Quarter 2020

Featured Article: Education without Loans
Some schools are offering to buy a share of students’ future income in exchange for funding their education

Fourth Quarter 2019

Cover Story: Talking Ourselves into a Recession
Could our expectations about the economy be self-fulfilling?

Second/Third Quarter 2019

Cover Story: Central Banks and Climate Risks
Some researchers look at climate change and see economic uncertainty. Central banks are beginning to take notice.

First Quarter 2019

Cover Story: Opportunity Zones - More Money, More Problems?
The promise and pitfalls of a new financing model for distressed communities

Fourth Quarter 2018

Cover Story: Navigating Energy Booms and Busts
The fracking revolution has created new job opportunities, but are workers prepared for the fluctuations of the energy economy?

Third Quarter 2018

Cover Story: Help Wanted
Employers are having a hard time hiring. Not enough workers or not the right skills?

Second Quarter 2018

Cover Story: Tariffs and Trade Disputes
How are recent moves affecting businesses in the Fifth District?

First Quarter 2018

Cover Story: Are Markets Too Concentrated?
Industries are increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer firms. But is that a bad thing?

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