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Issue header for the first/second quarter of Econ Focus for 2024.
First/Second Quarter 2024

In this issue: the outdoor recreation sector, the end of the student loan moratorium, the origin of the 2 percent inflation target, and more.

Cover Story

Trio of bikers riding across a wooden bridge atop swamp-like water.

Some rural and small-town communities see potential for outdoor recreation to reinvigorate their economies.

Tom Barkin

It's easy to see why people might differ on the path forward for the economy — each forecaster sees the future through his or her own lens.

Group of people holding signs and protesting against student loans.

Borrowers didn't have to make payments for three and a half years. How will they — and the economy — weather a rapidly changing student loan landscape?


Ulrike Malmendier

University of California, Berkeley professor Ulrike Malmendier on the long-term effects of inflation and the remembrance of crises past.

Historic style illustration of a restaurant with men in long-tail coats and top hats and women in decorative gowns. Servers are seating and tending to patrons.

Over the course of the 20th century, tipping went from rare and reviled to an almost uniquely American custom. We still like to complain about it.

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