Cover for Third Quarter 2017 issue

Third Quarter 2017

Econ Focus, Third Quarter 2017

Cover Story: Cyberattacks and the Digital Dilemma
Recent high-profile hacks have renewed calls for improved security, but competing incentives pose a challenge

Cover for Second Quarter 2017 issue

Second Quarter 2017

Econ Focus, Second Quarter 2017

Cover Story: Pricing Vice
Can "sin taxes" be good for your health and the economy?

Econ Focus, First Quarter 2017

First Quarter 2017

Econ Focus, First Quarter 2017

Cover Story: The Missing Boomerang Buyers
Does it matter whether people who lost their homes during the foreclosure crisis come back to the housing market?

Cover for Third/Fourth Quarter 2016 issue

Third/Fourth Quarter 2016

Econ Focus, Third/Fourth Quarter 2016

Special Issue: Economics Over the Life Cycle
This issue looks at the economic situations that Americans face at various points in their lives — and the implications for economic policy and personal finance.


Second Quarter 2016

Econ Focus, Second Quarter 2016

Cover Story: Tomorrow's Lenders?
Online nonbank lenders have experienced tremendous growth. What promises, and perils, do they hold for the financial system?


First Quarter 2016

Econ Focus, First Quarter 2016

Cover Story: Will America Get a Raise?
Economists debate why wage growth has been so sluggish during the recovery from the Great Recession


Fourth Quarter 2015

Econ Focus, Fourth Quarter 2015

Cover Story: Dealing with Disasters
From hurricanes to asteroids, how should we determine what steps to take to avert catastrophe?

cover story

Third Quarter 2015

Econ Focus, Third Quarter 2015

Featured Article: A Fresh Look at the "Huddled Masses"
Economists are looking at past mass migration waves to understand Europe's refugee surge.

Econ Focus - Second Quarter 2015

Second Quarter 2015

Econ Focus, Second Quarter 2015

Cover Story: The Public Perils of Private Debt
Debt makes the wheels of commerce turn. But under certain circumstances, it can also heighten financial crises and recessions.

Econ Focus - First Quarter 2015

First Quarter 2015

Econ Focus, First Quarter 2015

Cover Story: The Secession Question
What are the economic costs and benefits of nations breaking apart?


Fourth Quarter 2014

Econ Focus, Fourth Quarter 2014

Cover Story: The Sharing Economy
Are new online markets creating economic value or threatening consumer safety?

EF 3Q 2014 cover

Third Quarter 2014

Econ Focus, Third Quarter 2014

Featured Article: Birds of a Feather
Does the hawk-dove distinction still matter in the modern Fed?


Second Quarter 2014

Econ Focus, Second Quarter 2014

Cover Story: Crowded
While more is not always merrier, population growth over the last century has had many positive effects

EQ 1Q 2014

First Quarter 2014

Econ Focus, First Quarter 2014

Cover Story: Cybersecuring Payments
Are we losing the fight against next-gen bank robbers?

Econ Focus Q4 2013 cover

Fourth Quarter 2013

Econ Focus - Fourth Quarter 2013

Cover story: "Risky Business?"
Insurance is boring...or at least it's supposed to be

Econ Focus Q3 2013 cover

Third Quarter 2013

Econ Focus - Third Quarter 2013

Cover Story: Has College Become a Riskier Investment?
The payoff has become more uncertain — but you're probably still better off going

Econ Focus Q2 2013 cover

Second Quarter 2013

Econ Focus - Second Quarter 2013

Cover Story: Sizing Up Currency Manipulation
The Chinese government may be holding down its currency to increase exports. But it's not clear what — if anything — the United States should do about it

Econ Focus Q1 2013 cover

First Quarter 2013

Econ Focus - First Quarter 2013

Cover Story: Drawing the Line
New measures of poverty illustrate just how hard it is to define who is poor

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