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Cover for first quarter 2022 with nurse putting on PPE equipment
First Quarter 2022

In this special issue on small towns and rural areas: the nursing shortage, the economic promise of startups and the need for affordable housing in these communities.

Cover Story

rural nursing

The pandemic has worsened a long-standing national shortage of nurses. Rural communities face the greatest challenges.

President's Message

Thomas I. Barkin

The rural areas and small towns that are succeeding have several key elements: a story, regional cooperation, and dedicated funding — tied together by something harder to define.


rural entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship creates many local benefits, but starting a new business in rural places can be challenging


penny goldberg

Yale University economist on developing countries, measuring economies by satellite, and the learning crisis.

John F Kennedy signing bill with his colleagues standing around him

Federal job training programs have long enjoyed bipartisan support. Yet their emphasis has varied greatly across the years.

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