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Fourth Quarter 2022

In this issue: job mobility after the pandemic, the Fed's forward guidance, climate change and North Carolina, and more.

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Cover Story

pointing to the future

Talking about the future has become a valuable tool of monetary policy, but recent events have prompted a reevaluation.

Thomas I. Barkin

For the first time in more than a generation, we are grappling with high, broad-based, and persistent inflation. Is there an end in sight?

man sitting in front of laptop with his resume in hand

In the past few years, job changing in the United States — workers leaving their current employers for new ones — seems to have been on the rise. This development, often called the "Great Resignation," has attracted much attention, but the reasons behind it are far from clear.

Picture of river at sunset

The maps included here are from a data-mapping exercise completed by analysts at the Richmond Fed to highlight the impact of flooding on communities within North Carolina through the lens of social vulnerability.


Photo of economist Steven Davis

University of Chicago economist on remote work, changes in recruiting, and business startups after the pandemic.

Photo of Maggie Walker (seated third from right) and staff outside of the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank

Maggie Lena Walker built the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank to last. When it opened its doors in Richmond's Jackson Ward district in 1903, Walker became the first Black woman to establish a bank in the United States.

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