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Azamat Abdymomunov

Senior Manager

Azamat Abdymomunov is a senior manager and financial economist. He joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in 2010. He has written or co-authored papers examining term structure of interest rates, operational risk, financial stress, stress testing, economic forecasting and capital asset pricing model. Azamat’s primary academic interests are risk quantification and empirical asset pricing.

Previously, Abdymomunov was an economist with the World Bank and a division chief with the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, that country’s central bank.

Abdymomunov received his bachelor’s degree from the Kyrgyz National Technical University and his master’s and doctoral degrees in economics from Washington University in St. Louis.

  • Publications

    “U.S. Banking Sector Operational Losses and the Macroeconomic Environment” (with Filippo Curti and Atanas Mihov), Journal Money Credit and Banking, 52-1 (2020), 115-144.

    “Quantifying and Stress Testing Operational Risk with Peer Banks' Data” (with Filippo Curti), Journal of Financial Services Research, 57 (2020), 287–313.

    “Calculating Tail Quantiles of Compound Distributions” (with Filippo Curti and Hayden Kane), Journal of Computational Finance, 22-5 (2019).

    “Operational Risk and Risk Management Quality: Evidence from U.S. Bank Holding Companies” (with Atanas Mihov), Journal of Financial Services Research, 56-1 (2019), 73-93.

    “Tail Dependence and Systemic Risk in Operational Losses of the U.S. Banking Industry” (with Ibrahim Ergen), International Review of Finance, 17-2 (2017), 177-204.

    “Can Credit Spreads Help Predict a Yield Curve?” (with Kyu Ho Kang and Ki Jeong Kim), Journal of International Money and Finance, 64-C (2016), 39-61.

    “The Effects of Monetary Policy Regime-Shifts on the Term Structure of Interest Rates” (with Kyu Ho Kang), Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics, 19-2 (2015), 183–207.

    “Integrating Stress Scenarios Into Risk Quantification Models” (with Sharon Blei and Bakhodir Ergashev), Journal of Financial Services Research, 47-1 (2015), 57–79.

    “Stress Testing Interest Rate Risk Exposure” (with Jeff Gerlach), Journal of Banking and Finance, 49 (2014), 287–301.

    “Predicting Output Using the Entire Yield Curve,” Journal of Macroeconomics 37, (2013): 333–344.

    “Regime-Switching Measure of Systemic Financial Stress,” Annals of Finance 9, (2013): 455–470.

    “Time-Variation of CAPM Betas across Market Volatility Regimes” (with James Morley), Applied Financial Economics 19, (2011): 1463–1478.

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