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How to Become a Supplier


The Bank seeks to do business with a diverse pool of highly qualified suppliers that can deliver the best overall solutions for its requirements. The first step in positioning yourself to do business with us is to create a profile on the Ariba Network.

Creating a profile with the Ariba Network provides your company's vital information. Be sure to provide concise but thorough answers to all questions that apply to your company. If you are a diverse supplier, please make sure to upload your certifications and note on your profile.

Creating a profile on the Ariba Network and providing information to the supplier diversity office does not guarantee that your company will receive an invitation to bid or a contract from the Bank. Nor does it imply that your company has any type of procurement relationship with the Bank, either now or in the future.

What are the next steps after I express interest in being a supplier?

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from us right away. While we may not be in a position to include your company in a procurement opportunity at the time of your expressed interest. You may be contacted should an opportunity become available that matches your company's product or service offering. Also, please feel free to contact us periodically to inquire about potential opportunities or update your company information.

How do I learn about upcoming procurement opportunities?

We do not publicly post our procurement opportunities. When an acquisition need arises that matches your company’s qualifications, you may be contacted for more information or for consideration in that particular sourcing event.

How can I get in touch with a purchasing manager or decision-maker directly?

We do not provide direct contact information for sourcing professionals or buying departments. Using information from the Ariba network and other resources, sourcing professionals work collaboratively with end user and supplier diversity staff to identify suppliers with the requisite capabilities and expertise for a particular acquisition. When an acquisition need arises that matches your company’s qualifications, we may contact you for more information or consideration in that particular sourcing event.

How to Become a Supplier

  1. Review our list of products and services that the Bank typically procures.
  2. If the types of goods or services your company provides are a fit for the Richmond Fed, you can create a profile on the Ariba Discovery network using the registration instructions below.
  3. Our Procurement team will utilize profiles on the Ariba Discovery Network to invite prospective suppliers to submit quotes or proposals in response to opportunities.

Registration Information

The Richmond Fed uses Ariba as our standard Procurement sourcing and contract management application. You can create a profile on the Ariba Discovery Network for free.

If you have questions about establishing your company profile, Ariba support can help, or if you have questions about our overall program, please contact us at Procurement Services.

Visit the Supplier Diversity page to learn more about the Richmond Fed's Supplier Diversity and Small Business Programs.

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