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Products and Services

Products and Services

The list below is a representative sample of products and services that the Bank typically procures.

This list is not exhaustive nor does it constitute a guarantee that the Bank will procure any particular product or service now or in the future. An asterisk indicates a product or service typically supplied through a national contract.


  • Copiers*
  • Computers*
  • Electrical (switchgear, breakers, etc.)
  • Mechanical (HVAC, pumps, cooling towers, etc.)
  • Networking equipment*
  • Servers* 
  • Surveillance equipment*


  • Automobiles 
  • Artwork 
  • Building services (electricians, window washers, etc.) 
  • Furniture*
  • General construction 
  • Housekeeping*
  • Plants and landscaping

Professional Services

  • Architectural and engineering
  • Consulting 
  • Software*
  • Training*

Other Services

  • Armored carriers 
  • Audiovisual services 
  • Equipment maintenance 
  • Temporary staffing 
  • Trash removal 
  • Uniform and linen services

How to Become a Supplier

  1. Review our list of products and services that the Bank typically procures.
  2. If the types of goods or services your company provides are a fit for the Richmond Fed, you can create a profile on the Ariba Discovery network using the registration instructions below.
  3. Our Procurement team will utilize profiles on the Ariba Discovery Network to invite prospective suppliers to submit quotes or proposals in response to opportunities.

Registration Information

The Richmond Fed uses Ariba as our standard Procurement sourcing and contract management application. You can create a profile on the Ariba Discovery Network for free.

If you have questions about establishing your company profile, Ariba support can help, or if you have questions about our overall program, please contact us at Procurement Services.

Visit the Supplier Diversity page to learn more about the Richmond Fed's Supplier Diversity and Small Business Programs.

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