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Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (Richmond Fed)


What career opportunities and internships are available?
We regularly post new job openings. Visit Careers.

What professionals do you hire? 
We hire people at all stages of their careers, representing a broad range of backgrounds, talents and skills. Visit Job Openings and Careers.

What is the hiring process for job applicants?
The hiring process can vary depending on the business function and its immediate needs. Visit You’ve Applied! What’s Next? for a general overview.

Who We Are

What is the function and role of the Richmond Fed? How does the Richmond Fed contribute to the Federal Reserve’s work? 
The Richmond Fed is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks across the country who work with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., on behalf of the nation’s economy. Our work impacts everyday people every day. Visit Who We Are and What We Do

Where is the Richmond Fed located? What geographical area does it serve?
The Richmond Fed’s headquarters is in Richmond, Virginia. It represents The Fifth District, which includes Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and most of West Virginia. Branch offices include Baltimore, Maryland, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is the Richmond Fed doing to strengthen its communities?
We are working Around Our District to connect with people, discuss community issues, and share our resources and expertise.

Leadership and Governance

Who is the current president? What is his role?
Tom Barkin is the president and chief executive officer.

Who selects the Board of Directors? How long is their term?
Our member banks along with the Board of Governors select our Board of Directors. Visit Directors selection, appointment and service terms.

Who are the members of the Board of Directors?
Our Board of Directors is headquartered in Richmond and includes nine members. Our branch offices in Baltimore and Charlotte each have a seven-member board of directors.

Expertise and Information

What materials and tools are available for teachers and students?
We offer resources, programs and tours to educate teachers and students about the Fed’s role in the economy and to enhance personal finance skills.

What types of publications, reports and other resources are publically available and free?
We inform the public through our data and analysis, publications, speeches and educational resources. Visit

Where can I find research, economic analysis and policy information? 
We make public an expansive collection of data and analysis on the economy and topics related to our work and communities. Visit Economic ResearchQuantitative Supervision & Research, Community Development Resources.

How Do I

Do business with the Bank?
Contact our procurement team to do business with the Bank.

Request a speaker?
We offer speakers on a variety of economic and educational topics.

Find the Bank holiday list?
Reserve Banks close in observation of several public holidays.

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