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You've Applied? What's Next

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We’re so glad that you applied to work at the Richmond Fed. To help you navigate the next steps, we put together a general overview of our hiring process. The length of time needed for each step can vary, but it gives you an idea of what to expect.

Review Code of Conduct—You should review the Bank’s Employee Code of Conduct to ensure compliance with conflict of interest rules and personal investment restrictions.

Initial Interview—After we review the information submitted by all applicants, the hiring manager asks one of our friendly recruiters to schedule a phone or onsite interview with candidates selected to move forward in the process. If you participate in a phone interview, an onsite interview may follow.

Interview Schedule—If we schedule an onsite interview with you, your recruiter follows up with an agenda outlining key details: who you’ll be meeting with, when and where. One of our recruiting assistants also contacts you if you need to make travel arrangements.

Onsite Interview—Our in-person interviews typically involve meeting with a small panel of employees. This group often consists of the hiring manager, other employees you might interact with in the position, and sometimes a Human Resources representative. They talk with you and ask about your experiences, particularly those that demonstrate how you might perform at the Richmond Fed. Some positions might require more than one interview.

Check out our Prepping for an Interview page for additional tips and information.

Assessment—Following the interview process, the hiring manager and our recruiter discuss each candidate’s qualifications, as well as the input from the interview panel. Following this discussion, the hiring manager makes a decision.

Job Offer—If you are selected for the position, our recruiter contacts you to extend an offer. The recruiter also contacts the candidates who are no longer being considered for the job.

Background Check and Onboarding—Once you accept an offer from the Richmond Fed, our recruiter emails you a new-hire packet. You can start the background check process as we countdown to your first day!

Throughout the process, please remember that you can log in to our application site at any time to check the status of your application.

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