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Prepping for an Interview?

think about your interview before you come in

If you’ve been invited to interview for a job with us, we look forward to talking to you! As you prepare, we’ve put together some information and tips to consider. We hope you find them helpful—and that they help solidify your interest in the Richmond Fed.

Learn More about the Federal Reserve

From a big-picture standpoint, you can visit the Board of Governors website to study up on the national Federal Reserve System. You can learn more about the Board’s function, the structure of the Federal Reserve System, the 12 Reserve Banks that make up the System (we are one of them), and the role of the Federal Open Market Committee.

You can also read the Richmond Fed’s fact sheet for a download on who we are and what we do here in the Fifth District.

Read Our Latest News

Find out what the Richmond Fed has been up to lately! Visit our press room to read our press releases and announcements.

Dive Into Our Research

Check out the Richmond Fed’s publications and reports highlighting our research on the economy, monetary policy, banking and finance, and the payments system. You can also dig into our economic data and analysis.

Get a Quick—and Fun—History Lesson

Learn about the Federal Reserve’s history through essays, profiles of key players and interactive features.

Show Us Who You Are

Your interview process is likely to include both one-on-one and panel conversations. Follow these tips for a productive discussion:

  • Develop your “elevator speech”—a brief summary of who you are and what you want to achieve in your career.
  • Give interviewers insights into your past performance. Have examples ready to discuss, such as challenges you’ve faced and how you approached them, as well as successes you’ve experienced and how you achieved them.
  • Practice for the interview using video or audio recordings. Fine-tune your responses to likely questions so they are compelling, relevant and to the point.
  • Ask thoughtful questions of the interviewers. This is your opportunity to learn about us and the job you’re seeking as well as for us to learn about you.
  • Be yourself. We want to meet and learn about the real you!

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