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Past Conference

Core Week branded photo of economists during a break at CORE Week

Mon., Sept. 26, 2022 - Fri., Sept. 30, 2022

CORE Week, featuring the Macro-Development Insights Conference and the Advances in Applied Macro-Econometrics Conference

The Collaboration of Research Economists (CORE) model combines frontier research and an innovative delivery method to advance collaboration within the economics profession.

The CORE model consists of eight CORE Weeks per year. During each week, visiting economists from a range of disciplines will join with Richmond Fed economists for seminars, conferences, and formal and informal networking and collaboration — all with an eye toward advancing economic research.


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Presenters and Visiting Economists

Photo of David Argente

David Argente

Penn State University
Photo of Adrian Auclert

Adrien Auclert

Stanford University
Photo of Julieta Caunedo

Julieta Caunedo

University of Toronto
Photo of David Creal

Drew Creal

University of Notre Dame
Photo of Leland Farmer

Leland Farmer

University of Virginia
headshot of Grey Gordon

Grey Gordon

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
headshot of Paul Ho

Paul Ho

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Image of Chang Tai Hsieh

Chang-Tai Hsieh

University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Photo of Kristina Manysheva

Kristina Manysheva

Princeton University
Image of Guido Menzio

Guido Menzio

New York University and NBER
Photo of Virgiliu Midrigan

Virgiliu Midrigan

New York University
Photo of Ezra Oberfield

Ezra Oberfield

Princeton University
Photo of Liyan Shi

Liyan Shi

Carnegie Mellon University
Photo of Eric Swanson

Eric Swanson

University of California-Irvine
headshot of Nicholas Trachter

Nicholas Trachter

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Photo of Diana Van Patten

Diana Van Patten

Yale University
Image of Daniel Waggoner

Daniel Waggoner

Emory University
Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright

Johns Hopkins
Photo of Tao Zha

Tao Zha

Emory University & FRB Atlanta


Titles listed where decided

Macro-Development Insights Conference Agenda

  • Friday, Sept. 30, 2022
    08:00 am

    Registration & Opening Remarks

    08:30 am

    Chang-Tai Hsieh (Chicago Booth) presenting the paper “Non-tariff Trade Barriers in the U.S.–China Trade War,” joint with Chen Tuo and Song Zheng

    09:15 am

    Diana Van Patten (Yale) presenting the paper “Voting on a Trade Agreement: Firm Networks and Attitudes Toward Openness,” joint with Esteban Méndez

    10:00 am


    10:15 am

    Ezra Oberfield (Princeton) presenting the paper “Growth and the Fragmentation of Production," joint with Johannes Boehm

    11:00 am

    Nicholas Trachter (Richmond Fed) presenting the paper “Sectoral Development Multipliers,” joint with Buera

    11:45 am


    01:00 pm

    Kristina Manysheva (Princeton University) presenting the paper “Land Property Rights, Financial Frictions and Resource Allocation in Developing Countries

    01:45 pm

    Virgiliu Midrigan (NYU) presenting the paper “Why Are Returns to Private Business Wealth So Dispersed?”, joint with Corina Boar and Denis Gorea

Advances in Applied Macro-Econometrics Conference Agenda

  • Friday, Sept. 30, 2022
    08:00 am

    Registration & Opening Remarks

    08:30 am

    Drew Creal (Notre Dame) presenting the paper "High Dimensional Block Vector Autoregressions," joint with Jaeho Kim

    09:15 am

    Daniel Waggoner (Emory) presenting the paper "Uniform Priors for IRFs", joint with Jonas Arias and Juan Rubio-Ramirez

    10:00 am


    10:15 am

    Paul Ho (FRBR)  presenting the paper “Averaging Impulse Responses Using Prediction Pools,” joint with Thomas Lubik and Christian Matthes

    11:00 am

    Eric Swanson (University of California-Irvine) presenting the paper “A Reassessment of Monetary Policy Surprises and High-Frequency Identification,” joint with Michael Bauer

    11:45 am


    01:00 pm

    Jonathan Wright (Johns Hopkins)  presenting the paper “Event-day Options

    01:45 pm

    Tao Zha (Emory & FRB Atlanta) presenting the paper “The S-curve: Understanding the Dynamics of Worldwide Financial Liberalization,” joint with Nan Li, Chris Papageorgiou and Tong Xu

    02:30 pm


    02:45 pm

    Leland Farmer (UVA) presenting the paper "Zoomers and Boomers: Asset Prices and Intergenerational Inequality," joint with Roger Farmer

Future CORE Weeks


  • November 7 – November 10
  • December 12 – December 16

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