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Past Webinar

Investment Connection
Wed., Nov. 18, 2020

Investment Connection LIVE - Virginia and West Virginia

During this virtual Investment Connection pitch session, proposals from service providers in the regions of Virginia and West Virginia will be presented to multiple potential funders. Funders can create an account any time and view these proposals and others in the Investment Connection Funders' Portal. (Proposals for the upcoming pitch session will be viewable after October 26.)

The Richmond Fed's Investment Connection program highlights organizations with community and economic development projects that are potentially eligible for funding or financing under the Community Reinvestment Act. These projects aim to support people and businesses in communities with low and moderate incomes or are distressed or underserved. Selected organizations have a unique opportunity to pitch their proposals to bankers, CDFIs, foundations and other funding entities with similar missions.

Disclaimer: The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is not a grantmaking organization. The purpose of convening the Investment Connection program is to facilitate education, information sharing and potential opportunities related to the CRA. The Richmond Fed does not endorse or make any representations as to the propriety or suitability of the participating organizations investments or programs. Organizations should perform their own due diligence before engaging in any transactions with these entities to ensure that any such transactions meet the organization's objectives..

Who Should Attend

Funding entities seeking to provide grant, equity investment, financing, and/or service support to projects deemed potentially eligible for Community Reinvestment Act. These include bankers, foundations, government entities, and non-profit organizations.



headshot of Bob Dendy

Bob Dendy

headshot of Kim Herbstritt

Kim Herbstritt

Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity
headshot of Bryan Phipps

Bryan Phipps

People Incorporated Financial Services
headshot of Dave Prosser

Dave Prosser

Freedom First Enterprises
headshot of Natalie Roper

Natalie Roper

Generation WV
headshot of Travis Staton

Travis Staton

United Way of Southwest Virginia
headshot of Stephanie Tyree

Stephanie Tyree


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