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Fed Centennial Lessons

globe and charts

In this lesson, students participate in an activity to help them understand the difference between a change and a trend, and they learn about the traditional functions of the Federal Reserve System. Working in groups, they review excerpts from primary sources, determine changes and trends in Fed functions, and present their findings through a visual display. In the assessment, students review three primary source documents and identify economic indicators (measurements), trends of the indicators and the effects of these trends on the economy.

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Defining Moments in Federal Reserve History: 1907–1935

The Federal Reserve System Shuffle: A Federal Reserve Lesson That Illustrates Change Over Time 1945–1987

Fiscal and Monetary Policy Infographic Classroom Activity is designed to accompany the Fiscal and Monetary Policy Infographic from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The infographic defines fiscal and monetary policy, and highlights their key differences and common goals. The activity uses real-world applications to help students differentiate between the two policies.

Your Connection to the Economy and the Federal Reserve is an infographic that guides students through their role in the economy, the Federal Reserve's role in the economy and the ways the Federal Reserve connects to their daily lives.


Standards Correlations

Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics

  • Content Standard 11: Money and Inflation
  • Content Standard 12: Interest Rates
  • Content Standard 20: Fiscal and Monetary Policy

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