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Business Cycles

Reading Q-A

Time required: 30 minutes


Timothy Cook

This article on business cycles includes information on the characteristics of the business cycle, theories on the causes of the business cycle, and how those theories have evolved since the Great Recession.

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Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics

Standard 18: Economic Fluctuations. Fluctuations in a nation’s overall levels of income, employment, and prices are determined by the interaction of spending and production decisions made by all households, firms, government agencies, and others in the economy. Recessions occur when overall levels of income and employment decline.

  • Benchmark 3, Grade 12:  A business cycle involves fluctuations of real GDP around its potential level.
  • Benchmark 4, Grade 12: Fluctuations of real GDP around its potential level occur when overall spending declines, as in a recession, or when overall spending increases rapidly, as in recovery from a recession or in an expansion.

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