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Annual Report


2018 Annual Report

Reviews economic conditions in the Fifth District during 2018 and includes the article "Are Markets Becoming Less Competitive?"

Message from the President

Tom Barkin reflects on how market power affects suppliers and the broader economy.

Feature Essay: Are Markets Becoming Less Competitive?

Many sectors of the U.S. economy seem to be increasingly dominated by a handful of large and powerful players. Some policymakers have argued that this growing concentration is a sign of weakening competition. However, concentration by itself is not necessarily a sign of market power. Thus, researchers have been looking at whether market power, not simply market concentration, is on the rise. As this essay by senior economics writer Tim Sablik and senior economist Nicholas Trachter explains, it may be too soon to reach a decisive conclusion.

Fifth District Economic Report

A summary of economic conditions in the Fifth District during 2018

Message from the First Vice President

Becky Bareford highlights the Bank's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Boards of Directors and Advisory Councils

Photos and listings of the Bank's boards of directors and advisory councils

Bank Officers and Senior Professionals

Photo of the Richmond Fed's Management Committee and a listing of the Bank's officers and senior professionals

National IT Officers and Senior Professionals

Photo of the National IT Management Council and a listing of National IT officers and senior professionals

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