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Supervision News Flash

November 2022

The Richmond Fed introduced its Cyber Simulation Lab for managing cyber-attacks during its 2022 Community and Regional Bankers Forum.

September 2022

Learn about key trends and considerations related to balance sheet management and interest rate risk practices in a highly dynamic economic environment.

Greg Dodt and Mina Oldham

September 2022

By providing ready access to funding, the Federal Reserve’s discount window helps depository institutions manage their liquidity risks efficiently and avoid actions that have negative consequences for their customers.

Steven McCarther

September 2022

Learn more about the tools available to assist financial institutions in accounting for Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL).

June 2022

A look at how the Temporary Asset Threshold Relief program aided community banks during the pandemic.

Chris Noack

June 2022

Prompt notification of cyber incidents helps the Federal Reserve make timely decisions related to the safety and soundness of supervised firms and the financial system.

Michelle S. Fitch

March 2022

The end of 2021 brought with it the expiration of several important COVID relief programs, including changes to the CARES Act Section 4013, Community Bank Leverage Ratio and the FDIC’s interim final rule.

Justin Wilkins and Charlie Shields

March 2022

Community banking organizations should now use total assets data as of June 30, 2021, to determine initial filings for the March 31, 2022, reporting period. 

Andrew Sun and Jennifer Dietz

March 2022

The Federal Reserve System has developed an automated process for member banks’ reporting of non-merger-related adjustments to their subscriptions to Reserve Bank capital stock by utilizing filed Call Reports. 

John Blum

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