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The Reserve Banks maintain comprehensive business continuity plans for their cash services customers that will be activated in the event of a business disruption.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's business continuity plans are aligned with those of other Reserve Banks to support continuity of service. If the normal provision of cash services is impaired, the Richmond Fed will notify its customers in the Fifth District via FedLine broadcast message and FedLine for the Web.

In event of a contingency and your normal currency and coin ordering channel (e.g., FedLine for the Web) is unavailable, you can request a manual order by contacting your local Fifth District office:


  • Telephone orders: 804-697-8321 or 800-322-1905
  • Fax orders: 804-697-8305
  • After-hours contact number: 804-697-8100


  • Telephone orders: 410-576-3405 or 800-825-9081
  • Fax orders: 410-576-3411
  • After-hours contact number: 410-576-3489


  • Telephone orders: 704-358-2240 or 866-418-5832
  • Fax orders: 704-358-2289
  • After-hours contact number: 704-358-2222

If your local Federal Reserve office becomes inaccessible for an extended period of time, your financial institution may receive services from another cash office. The following partners may provide service to your institution if the building is not accessible:

  • Richmond's primary partners are the Baltimore and Charlotte offices.
  • Charlotte's primary partners are the Richmond office and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.
  • Baltimore's primary partners are the Richmond office and the Federal Reserve Bank Philadelphia.

If such a disaster occurs, financial institutions will be promptly instructed regarding the delivery and receipt of currency and coin. You may also be informed about restrictions on currency and coin orders and deposits, and may be directed to alternative pick-up and delivery points.

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