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Reporting Forms for Financial Institutions

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The Federal Reserve uses a wide range of tools to collect data from bank holding companies, depository institutions, other financial and non-financial entities, and consumers. Collected data is used for monetary policy development, supervision and regulation of the banking industry, and protection of consumers' rights.

All Forms

View a complete list of reporting forms, including a description, due date, and who to contact if you have a question.

Latest Updates

Receive the latest changes on report forms and instructions and other announcements.

FR Y-6 Reports

Access to FR Y-6 (Annual Report of Holding Companies) report submissions.

Reporting Items Currently Under Review

The Federal Reserve information collections listed on the Board of Governor's web site are currently under review, awaiting implementation, or have been recently approved and implemented. The Federal Reserve review process is in accordance with the specifications of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995. As part of that process, we have published a request for public comment in the Federal Register.

Introduction to Regulatory Reporting

Training materials to provide a better understanding of Regulatory Reporting.

Electronic Reporting

Explore ways to submit your regulatory and statistical reports to the Federal Reserve through the Web.

Please note: Electronic submission of the FR Y-10 report is accomplished by using a separate web application known as theĀ FR Y-10 online.

phone Contact Us

Jason Annis (804) 697-8291
Christy Albus (804) 697-8304
Joanne Mason (804) 697-8173

Mailing Address

The reports that are not submitted via Reporting Central should be mailed to the following address:

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
P.O. Box 27622
Richmond, VA 23261

Overnight Deliveries

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
701 East Byrd Street
Richmond, VA 23219