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Past Webinar

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Thu., Feb. 18, 2021

Understanding the Disparities: The Causes

What do we know about the sources of educational disparities and how they’ve been amplified by the pandemic? Teachers, parents and administrators will share the challenges students are facing. 

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Who Should Attend

This series is open to anyone interested in the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education, including educators, school administrators, state and local policymakers, workforce development professionals, and community and business leaders.


headshot of Laura Ullrich
Senior Regional Economist
Anthony Swann
Linda Eakin
Linda Eakin
Roberta Aigbokhaevbo
CEO, Baltimore City Public Schools


  • Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021
    01:00 pm


    Tom Barkin, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 

    Laura Ullrich, Regional Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

    01:10 pm

    Community Spotlight: Yemassee, South Carolina 

    Last year, the low-income, majority minority population of Hampton County, S.C., was hard hit by job losses in the hospitality industry. The region also has a history of inequitable school funding. Regional Economist Laura Ullrich visits Fennell Elementary School to learn how this particular school, which faced challenges even before the pandemic, has been faring.  


    Ronald Wilcox, Superintendent, Hampton School District One

    Willie Coker, Principal, Fennell Elementary School

    Rebecca Evans, Kindergarten Teacher, Fennell Elementary School, 2020 Betty J. DeWitt Outstanding Educator Award Winner

    01:20 pm

    In Conversation: Educational Disparities during COVID-19
    Dr. Sonja Brookins Santelises, CEO, Baltimore City Public Schools
    Laura Ullrich, Regional Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

    01:45 pm

    Discussion: Differences in Disparities
    Roberta Aigbokhaevbo, Teacher, Thomas Jefferson High School
    Linda Eakin, Teacher, J.B. Watkins Elementary School
    Anthony Swann, Teacher, Rocky Mount Elementary School, 2021 Virginia Teacher of the Year
    Laura Ullrich, Regional Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (moderator)

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