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5E Educator

Fall 2011

In this edition of the 5E Educator, two articles shed light on the causes of – and possible impediments to – recoveries. These articles pose such critical questions as: What factors determine the strength of recoveries? Why has unemployment been so severe? We hope these articles and accompanying activities encourage students to consider the underlying causes and complexities of economic recoveries and generate meaningful discussion about what lies ahead.

Spring 2011

This issue of the 5E Educator focuses on a key financial decision – financing higher education. Inside the issue is a feature article on student loan debt, complemented by several activities and lesson plans, designed to prompt thoughtful discussion about this decision and the expected returns from investment in human capital.

Winter 2010/2011

This issue of 5E Educator explores the effects of immigration on the U.S. economy. Inside this issue are several lesson plans and activities designed to prompt thoughtful discussion on immigration and the economy. Consider beginning your classroom discussion today!

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