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5E Educator

Spring/Summer 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 cover

What does it mean to live in poverty? How is poverty measured? Why do some countries thrive while others do not? This edition of the 5E Educator explores the issue of poverty and the role of institutions in fostering economic growth and reducing poverty.  Article excerpts, a classroom activity and additional resources are included to help you and your students explore these questions.

In This Issue

Why Aren't All Countries Rich?

Is there a certain recipe for economic growth? Check out theories on economic growth and how to address poverty.


Interested in using this issue’s article selections in your classroom? Consider using this activity created by the Richmond Fed’s Economic Education staff for high school audiences.


Class in Session

Economic Growth and Development: Perspectives for Policymakers
What are scholars, policymakers and economists saying about the variables that may affect economic growth and development? Check out this excerpt!


Beyond the Textbook

Teaching tips and resources for your classroom.


Heard Over the P.A.

Recent and upcoming opportunities and events in the Fifth District.