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PSA Video: Change

PSA Video: Change

This video emphasizes the importance of finishing high school for future job opportunities. Consider pairing the video with classroom discussion questions and the “Invest in Yourself” classroom activity from the “It’s Your Paycheck” curriculum.

Watch the “Change” video

Classroom Discussion Questions

  • At the beginning of the video what does the main character’s body language tell you?
  • What requirement for the internship did the main character lack?
  • What actions show that the main character made a change in his life?
  • How did the main character invest in his “human capital”?

Accompanying Activity

  • It’s Your Paycheck Lesson 1: Invest In Yourself includes a hands-on activity where groups of students create name tents in different ways to highlight different levels of human capital. Students then analyze the relationships between educational attainment and earnings and unemployment.

CEE National Standards for Financial Literacy

  • Standard 1: Earning Income

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