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PSA Video: Life Lessons: Credit Card Debt

PSA Video: Life Lessons: Credit Card Debt

This video conveys that credit card bills cannot be simply ignored. Consider pairing the video with classroom discussion questions and a role-play activity from the “It’s Your Paycheck” curriculum, which covers creditors’ criteria and borrowers’ rights and responsibilities.

Watch the “Life Lessons: Credit Card Debt” video

Classroom Discussion Questions

  • What choice did the main character make over and over again?
  • Why do you think the main character is throwing away his credit card bill?
  • What do you think the video is trying to tell you about credit card bills?
  • If you were the main character, what would you do differently?

Accompanying Activity

CEE National Standards for Financial Literacy

  • Standard 2: Buying Goods and Services
  • Standard 4: Using Credit

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