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First Quarter 2011

Federal Reserve

Stigma and the Discount Window

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Armantier, Olivier, Eric Ghysels, Asani Sarkar, and Jeffrey Shrader. “Stigma in Financial Markets: Evidence from Liquidity Auctions and Discount Window Borrowing During the Crisis.” Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report No. 483, January 2011.

Duke, Elizabeth. “Unusual and Exigent: My First Year at the Fed.” Speech at the Economics Club of Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Virginia, February 18, 2010.

Ennis, Huberto, and John Weinberg. “Over-the-Counter Loans, Adverse Selection, and Stigma in the Interbank Market.” Richmond Fed Working Paper No. 10-07R, April 2010.

Furfine, Craig. “Standing Facilities and Interbank Borrowing: Evidence from the Fed's New Discount Window.International Finance, November 2003, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 329-347. [Working Paper version]

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