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Americans count on the Federal Reserve System — including regional Reserve Banks like the Richmond Fed — to keep the economy running smoothly. Our critical operations teams safeguard Richmond Fed employees, visitors, facilities and the integrity of our nation’s financial system and currency operations. Our law enforcement unit, facilities management, cash operations and others work together to ensure our Bank is open and operating to meet the needs of banks and consumers. 


“Working for the Federal Reserve has been a great opportunity as an immigrant from Guatemala. The Bank has given me so many opportunities in the four years I’ve worked in the Cash Paying and Receiving area. Last year I had the chance to cross-train for the Cash high-speed processing area. I love the chance to travel from Richmond and help the Cleveland Fed and the Richmond Fed’s Baltimore branch. They give us so many options to grow!” 

— Willy, Cash Services

Examples of Operations Jobs at the Richmond Fed:

  • Cash Operations Specialist: Help pay and receive cash from banks or operate one of our high-speed currency processing machines
  • Facilities Mechanic: maintains, repairs, and installs all mechanical equipment and systems on premises to keep building facilities operating safely and efficiently
  • Law Enforcement Officer: Be part of the Federal Reserve System’s law enforcement police unit that protects our buildings, employees and assets, provides emergency assistance and responds to incidents 

Other Types of Jobs at the Richmond Fed

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