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Discover Rotational Program

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We're now accepting applications for Discover Analysts for our winter and summer 2024 cohorts. Apply today!

Discover is a two-year rotational program designed to provide graduating college seniors with entry-level analyst roles in our Bank. As a Discover Analyst, you’ll work fulltime in two different departments contributing to our continuous improvement efforts and everyday operations in the Fifth District and National IT. You’ll also participate in events and training sessions to develop the connections and skills integral to your career advancement. After successfully completing the program, we’ll help you transition into your next role within our organization.

We’re dedicated to your development and offer project management and technical certifications in Green Belt, Agile and AWS, as well as a competitive salary and access to our wide range of benefits.

Tyler Boland-Manka

Cohorts and House Competitions

Discover Analysts are placed into cohorts or “houses” at the beginning of their rotation. These serve as teams to build relationships and expand networking within the Discover program.

House Competitions

House members compete for “points” via Fed trivia, volunteer activities, ERN participation and group projects. The intention of these competitions is to encourage Discover Analysts to hone their skills in collaboration with cross-functional groups, leading through influence and operating in an inclusive environment.


Utilizing groups within a larger cohort will help to foster connections, networking, collaboration and drive cross-functional comradery.


Discover analysts regularly compete in trivia House competitions to showcase all they’ve learned about Fed history, monetary policy, National IT, System groups and more!


Discover Analysts give back to our communities by volunteering with their Houses, teams and the larger Discover group.


Engaging fully in our Bank’s culture is key! Discover analysts are encouraged to not only participate in employee resource networks (ERNs) and campus recruitment, but also take an active leadership role within these areas. 

Emily Y

Coaching or Mentorship

Our Discover program works to ensure recent college graduates have the support that they need to be successful at the Richmond Fed and beyond by providing career mentors, business line mentors and cohort or “head of house” mentors.

Early Career Mentor

Early career mentors are chosen for each Discover Analyst for their two years in the rotational program. Early career mentors serve as advisers for Discover Analysts to better understand “life at the Fed” and how various business lines work together to achieve the Richmond Fed’s mission.

Business Line Mentor

Business line mentors are selected for Discover Analysts each year based on the business line Discover Analysts have been assigned to for that rotation/year. Business line mentors will provide council for their Discover Analyst on culture, business “norms” within the department and will serve as a reliable resource for each Discover Analyst that enters the business line. 

Cohort Mentor/Head of House

Each cohort or “house” will have a “head of house” that will serve as a point of contact for their group of Discover Analysts. The heads of houses work to promote comradery amongst their house and provide resources on the Discover program, educational opportunities available to Discover Analysts and information regarding what to expect as an employee at the Richmond Fed. 

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Jonathan Crewe

Departments for Discover Analysts

Discover is an organization-wide rotation program with intentional movement between almost every department in the Richmond Fed and National IT, so that analysts are exposed to a variety of business lines, leaders and experiences. 

Departments Discover Analysts have rotated into include:

Sam the Mentor

Professional Development

Professional development is a core tenet of Discover. The program offers training for technical, business and soft skills.

  • Technical Skill Development
    • Agile
    • Cloud Practitioner Certification
    • Green/Yellow Belt Certification
      • Discover Analysts will attend Six Sigma training sessions designed to outline the Six Sigma process and tools.
      • Each Discover Analyst will be assigned a project in which they will utilize the tools from Six Sigma training to improve an existing process within their business line.
    • Tableau and/or PowerBi
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Health and Wellness
  • Organizational Knowledge
    • Central Banking Knowledge Classes
    • Non-examiner Bootcamp
    • In the News sessions

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