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Discover Rotational Program

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Discover is a two-year rotational program designed to provide graduating college seniors with entry-level analyst roles in our Bank. Discover Analysts work fulltime in two different departments contributing to our continuous improvement efforts and everyday operations in the Fifth District and National IT. DA’s participate in events and training sessions to develop the connections and skills integral to their career advancement as well as have a deliberate focus on networking with leaders and influencers through meaningful projects that directly contribute to the Fed’s mission. After successfully completing the program, we help Discover Analysts transition into their next role within our organization.

Mentorship and Community

Heads of House

At the beginning of your Discover Analyst journey, you’ll be assigned to a “house” throughout the program. Each house consists of four to six analysts and is led by a Head of House — an individual contributor (non-manager) team member passionate about early career development. Each Head of House promotes comradery amongst house members while also providing helpful resources, educational opportunities and insights into working for the Richmond Fed. Houses are designed to help you build relationships and expand networking opportunities within the Discover program.

Early Career Mentors

Early career mentors are second year Discover Analysts who are matched with first year Discover Analysts and provide a peer-to-peer mentorship during the two-year rotational program. Early career mentors aim to provide a better understanding of life at the Fed, advice and resources for navigating the Discover program, and insight into how the various business lines work together to achieve the Fed’s mission.

Business Line Mentors

Business line mentors are mentors within the Discover Analysts’ department who are not your direct supervisor. These volunteers are invested in your success over throughout the course of your rotation. They advise on department culture and business norms and serve as a general resource as you begin your rotation with the business area.

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Discover Cohorts

As a new Discover Analyst, you’ll join the program alongside 10–30 other recent college graduates to form a cohort. Team building is integral to the Discover cohort experience and allows you to foster connections, network and collaborate cross-functionally. Together you’ll participate in professional development opportunities and social events, including competitions, continuous improvement projects, micro-learnings, heritage and holiday events, and more. Discover Analysts also give back to our communities through volunteer opportunities.

Departments for Discover Analysts

Discover is an organization-wide rotation program with intentional movement between almost every department in the Richmond Fed and National IT, so that analysts are exposed to a variety of business lines, leaders and experiences. 

Departments Discover Analysts have rotated into include:

Note: This list is not all encapsulating of the rotations available within the Discover Program.

Professional Development

We’re dedicated to the development of our Discover Analysts and offer an expansive curriculum of training and development opportunities designed to help you  transition successfully from an academic environment to the workplace. Additionally, we offer certifications in both project management (Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt) and technology (Agile, AWS).

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