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Annual Report


2000 Annual Report cover

Reviews the Bank's operations and includes the article entitled "What Assets Should the Federal Reserve Buy?"

Message from the President and First Vice President

Al Broaddus and Walter Varvel outline the Richmond Fed's activities in 2000 and the state of the economy.

Feature Article: "What Assets Should the Federal Reserve Buy?"

Al Broaddus and Marvin Goodfriend discuss the Fed's asset acquisition practices. In order to support monetary policy by strengthening the Fed's independence, these practices should adhere to two closely related principles: they should respect the integrity of fiscal policy and minimize the risk of political entanglements involving Fed credit allocation. The authors propose that the Fed and the Treasury cooperate to enable the Fed to continue to rely on Treasury securities even as the publicly held debt is paid down.

Mileposts on the Road to Excellence

A discussion of the Richmond Fed’s progress in meeting its strategic goals for the year.

Boards of Directors and Advisory Groups

Photos and listings of the Bank's directors and members of its advisory groups.


Photo and list of Bank officers.

Financial Statements

Comparative financial statements and footnotes for 2000. Also includes Management Assertion and Report of Independent Auditors.

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