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Working Papers

December 2018, No. 18-18

Eric French, John Bailey Jones, Elaine Kelly and Jeremy McCauley

October 2018, No. 18-16

Petersburg, Virginia, prospered over two centuries as a center of production and trade. However, the city experienced economic difficulties beginning in the 1980s as a large number of layoffs at production plants in the area coincided with an erosion of retail trade in the city.

August 2018, No. 18-14

Laura Liu, Christian Matthes and Katerina Petrova

April 2018, No. 18-11

Julien Bengui and Toan Phan

April 2018, No. 18-10

Andrew Graczyk and Toan Phan

March 2018, No. 18-09

Riccardo Colacito and Toan Phan

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