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Bank’s Community Development Team Convenes Community Partners

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During a recent two-day visit to Washington, D.C., the Richmond Fed’s Community Development staff hosted a Rural Economic Initiatives Roundtable that included members of the Bank’s Community Investment Council, and Andrew Dumont, senior community development analyst with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The group discussed challenges that rural communities face in accessing capital for community development and plans for a project that rural leaders across the Fifth District can potentially collaborate on in the coming year.

That meeting was followed by a daylong retreat on October 14 for the Community Investment Council, which was formed more than a decade ago to inform the Bank about emerging issues and trends in communities across the Fifth District, including in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and communities.

The 10 council members who attended spent the day engaged with Richmond Fed leaders and Community Development team members, including Richmond Fed First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Becky Bareford, who provided an economic overview. A roundtable discussion gave CIC members an opportunity to shared information about their organizations and the communities they serve.“This was the first time in several years the Community Investment Council was able to meet in person,” said Jason Smith, senior community development advisor for the Bank. “It was very helpful to add their input to the input received from rural centers and hubs in the Fifth District. “The exchange of information will help guide the important opportunities and work we have before us.”

Both meetings took place at Howard University, where the Bank also hosted its first in-person Investment Connection Pitch Session in two years that same week.

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