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Community Conversations are our visits with business and community leaders to learn about a region’s well-being and to exchange economic updates and ideas.
March 11, 2024

From quaint storefronts offering a variety of gourmet peanuts to sprawling farms where generations have perfected their craft, this area has solidified its spot as an important part of Virginia’s agricultural economy thanks to its continued commitment to one of America’s favorite legumes. But as our Community Conversations team learned on a recent trip to Southeastern Virginia, the pull between maintaining a rural, small town feel and embracing the potential benefits of urbanization hangs in the balance.

Meet the Team

This team routinely collaborates to plan and host Community Conversations in towns and cities throughout the Fifth District.

Regional Executives

headshot of Andy Bauer

R. Andrew Bauer

Maryland, Greater D.C. Area and West Virginia
headshot of Renee Haltom

Renee Haltom

Management Committee member Matt Martin

Matthew Martin

North and South Carolina

Community Development Managers

Community Development Regional Manager Erika Bell

Erika W. Bell

North and South Carolina
Community Development Regional Manager Peter Dolkart

Peter M. Dolkart

Maryland and West Virginia
headshot of Jarrod Elwell

Jarrod Elwell

Virginia and Washington, D.C.


Anne Burnett
Alex Marré
Sean O'Hara
Laura Ullrich