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About the Survey

Community colleges play a major role in workforce and economic development across the Fifth District. Unfortunately, existing data collection methods do not provide a quantitative assessment of the true outcomes of community colleges. Individual community colleges use many metrics to gauge their success, but these can vary from school to school, which makes it hard to compare across institutions and track outcomes consistently over time. Thus, the Richmond Fed has created a quantitative, consistent system for measuring community college outcomes.

Release Schedule

A pilot survey was conducted in early 2022. The survey will be expanded to include a much larger sample of Fifth District community colleges in the coming months. We expect to release results in the spring of 2023. Sign up to participate in the survey >

Survey Questions and Methodology

The Richmond Fed developed and continues to refine this survey through in-depth conversations with community college administrators throughout the Fifth District. Contact us to learn more about the data we collect and view a sample survey.

Survey Team

Meet the team behind the Survey of Community College Outcomes.

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