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Data & Analysis: National Economy


Our staff economists regularly monitor the national economy, helping the Richmond Fed grasp current conditions and their implications for monetary policy.

National Economic Indicators

These charts and tables contain the latest economic data gathered by the Richmond Fed's Research Department. This information is updated weekly.

Hornstein-Kudlyak-Lange Non-Employment Index

The Non-Employment Index is an alternative to the standard unemployment rate that includes all non-employed individuals and accounts for persistent differences in their labor market attachment. The index is updated monthly after the Basic Monthly CPS microdata release, which takes place about two weeks after the monthly BLS Employment Summary release that includes the unemployment rate.

Lubik-Matthes Natural Rate of Interest

The natural rate of interest is a key concept that helps economists understand business cycles. It can also be used as a gauge for assessing the stance of monetary policy. However, the natural interest rate cannot be observed directly and must be derived from actual data using statistical methods. Using a method developed by two Richmond Fed economists, the natural rate is estimated quarterly.

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