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Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Our Careers

It takes each of us to build a more diverse, inclusive workplace. At the Richmond Fed, we work every day to create an environment where people feel respected, valued, engaged and appreciated. These principles are supported throughout our organization and reinforced in many ways, including education, employee resource networks and diversity recruiting.

We look for people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experience—coupled with a commitment to excellence—to help us achieve our public service mission. We embrace diversity by recognizing, valuing and leveraging our differences for the good of our workplace, customers, stakeholders and constituents.


We seek and employ qualified people and focus on providing all our employees with equal treatment and equal opportunities. To ensure we have the broadest, most diverse pool of applicants for each of our job openings, we build relationships with historically black colleges and universities; civic and community groups; and organizations and events centered on minority and women students and professionals. We would love to connect with you and talk about life at the Richmond Fed.

Our Careers

Employee Resource Networks

Our employee resource networks (ERNs) are employee-led groups that support and celebrate our differences. ERNs bring together people with shared characteristics, affinities or professional interests – including ethnicity, generational differences, sexual orientation, disability, gender and project management. Each ERN contributes diverse perspectives to topics and issues that impact our workplace and community.

The Richmond Fed currently has nine ERNs, each of which focuses on discussions and activities relevant to a specific characteristic, or affinity – and each of which welcomes all employees.

  • Ability Beyond the Label (ABLe) – raises awareness of the value of differently abled individuals
  • Championing Asians and Pacific Islanders Through Advocacy and Leadership (CAPITAL) – supports professional development, networking, cultural awareness and knowledge sharing
  • Evolving Professionals – actively engage in programming focused on personal and professional development, skill building, networking and more
  • First to Serve – harnesses the talents, experiences and interests of veterans and first responders and those who support them
  • Generations United – promotes the interaction and engagement of our multi-generational workforce
  • Global Connections – provides a space for employees who grew up outside of the United States, as well as those who come from immigrant families and whose first language is not English, to feel engaged and included
  • Generating the Recognition of Women (GROW) – recognizes the value of women and encourages their professional and personal development
  • PRISM (Pride, Respect, Inclusion, Safe, and Mutual support) – supports LGBTQ+ employees by promoting a work environment that is inclusive and respectful
  • Valuing the Inclusion of Talented African Americans and Latinos (VITAL) – promotes an inclusive work environment that recognizes and values the contribution of diverse talent
Our Careers

Let’s Connect

We believe open and honest dialogue leads to the best outcomes, so the Richmond Fed provides opportunities for us to ask questions, raise concerns and speak candidly. Our employee forums include question-and-answer sessions with senior leaders. We also host regular “Let’s Connect” sessions where we can connect with our colleagues and Richmond Fed leaders around topics that help us create an inclusive workplace.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond provides equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, sex, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information.

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