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Our mission is to champion diverse perspectives in economic research and policymaking by mentoring and connecting women1 and promoting their high-quality research.

The Richmond Fed Center for Advancing Women in Economics (AWE) seeks to champion diverse perspectives in economic research and policymaking by mentoring and connecting women in the field, particularly those working in topics relevant to the mission of the Federal Reserve System.

In addition to an annual fellowship program, the Center regularly shares career development opportunities like conferences and mentorship and networking events to help junior economists grow in the field. The Center also highlights research of economists at all career stages as a source of learning and inspiration.

To learn more about the Center and its mission, contact the Center’s leadership with questions.

Marina, Arantxa, and other economists pose for a group photo at the May 2024 Core Week event

Urvi Neelakantan, Marina Azzimonti, Claudia Macaluso, Galina Vereshchagina, Marzena Rostek, Tatjana Kleineberg, Arantxa Jarque, Katarína Borovičková, Ilse Lindenlaub, Oliko Vardishvili and Kosha Modi at the May 2024 CORE Week.


The term “women” as used by the Center for Advancing Women in Economics is intended to include anyone identifying as a woman or as nonbinary.


The Fellowship Program is a unique initiative designed to support the academic success of research economists in the early stages of their careers. Our 2024 fellows are Stephanie Johnson (left) and Oliko Vardishvili (right).

At the May 2024 CORE Week, Tatjana Kleineberg of the World Bank presented new research showing how changes in gender roles around the world have been important drivers of structural change and economic development.

In this video, economist Lisa Kahn, Professor of Economics at the University of Rochester, discusses her research, her path towards becoming an economist, her experience advising on Labor policies at the Council of Economic Advisors and the balance between parenthood and career.


Search our directory of Ph.D. women economists conducting academic and policy-related research as part of the Federal Reserve System.

Hear from prominent economists as they share their research, experiences and valuable advice for those starting their careers in economics.

Discover the contributions and emerging research of these rising stars in the field of economics who have presented their work at the Richmond Fed.

Explore and attend research conferences that spotlight the contributions of women in economics.

In this episode of Speaking of the Economy, Marina Azzimonti and Arantxa Jarque discuss the Center's recent launch and the need for such an organization within the economics profession.

Data on Women in Economics

A recent study conducted by the Richmond Fed's new Center for Advancing Women in Economics sheds light on the current state of gender diversity in the profession.

The original data from the study about the Feds is compared to data about academia collected by CSWEP.

Center Leadership

headshot of Marina Azzimonti
headshot of Arantxa Jarque
Associate Director

Fellowship Program

headshot of Urvi Neelakantan
Fellowship Program Lead
headshot of Felipe Schwartzman
Senior Economist

Additional Information

External Resources or Programs

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The resources and opportunities featured in this section may be of interest to those in the field of economics. Our reference to these organizations is meant to inform and is not an endorsement of their mission or services by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond or the Federal Reserve System.