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Learning from Senior Economists

The Center for Advancing Women in Economics (AWE) regularly spotlights the work of economists at all career stages as a source of learning and inspiration.

On this page, you’ll find interviews with senior economists sharing about their research and career journey.



Third Quarter 2022

Columbia University economist on inflation, capital controls, and finding research topics.

First Quarter 2022

Yale University economist on developing countries, measuring economies by satellite, and the learning crisis.

Second/Third Quarter 2021

University of Texas at Austin economist on wage growth, labor's share of income, and the gender unemployment gap

Fourth Quarter 2020

UC San Diego economics professor on fiscal stimulus, technological lull, and the rug-rat race.

Fourth Quarter 2019

Northwestern University economist on firms' investment decisions, intangible capital, and the college premium

Third Quarter 2018

MIT economist on angel investing, the economics of private equity and venture capital funds, and big data in consumer lending