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In the Driver’s Seat — Jonathan’s Law Enforcement-to-Audit Story

Jonathan Chouinard, auditor at the Richmond Fed

Behind each Richmond Fed employee is a unique story about their path to the Fed. For example, Jonathan Chouinard’s story is one that shows how each of us are in the driver’s seat of our careers, and how our Bank encourages us to explore different experiences. Here’s his #MyRichmondFed story:

Jonathan Chouinard during his career as an Air Force Security Forces policeman

Chouinard served as an Air Force Security Forces policeman prior to joining the Richmond Fed.

My story starts in New Hampshire, where after graduation from Daniel Webster College I planned to pursue my dream of becoming a military pilot. I thought that’s what my future was going to hold until I found out I was color deficient during my flight physical right before I was going to graduate. So instead of flying jets, I became an Air Force Security Forces policeman.

After spending a few years in the Air Force, I moved to Richmond to be closer to my best friend, who would eventually plant the first seed about working at the Richmond Fed. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and my friend said, “Hey, I have a buddy who works at the Fed. It’s a little different from police work, but it’s a police job. It’s a good job, and I think you should look into it.”

As if that wasn’t encouragement enough, later that evening after dinner I was walking by the water when I ran into a man tying up his boat. We started talking and I learned that he was a background investigator for the Federal Reserve Police. It honestly felt like fate. So I applied and was fortunate enough to get hired in 2006. I worked here for a couple years then transferred to the Boston Fed for a couple more years before fate stepped in again and led me back to our Bank’s law enforcement unit.

I continued to work for LEU, but within the last couple of years I found myself searching for something new. After talking to a few people in the group, I became interested in our Bank’s Audit department. I am an inquisitive person who is observant, loves puzzles and am always asking questions and learning. I thought Audit was right up my alley, so I applied for an open position. Unfortunately, at the time, I wasn’t the right fit for the job.

My story doesn’t end there, though. Recognizing my interest, I was invited to take part in an experiential development opportunity where I could learn more about the department and the work they do. I started the temporary rotation last November, and enjoyed it so much that I applied for and got a full-time job in the department just five months later. Through the experience, I realized how transferable a lot of my skills were. I had put myself into a box, and fortunately I was able to open up to a new way of thinking.

I am beyond thankful for all the opportunities our Bank has given me. I have found myself a career, not a temporary job. I value the Fed because I have the most exceptional support system. I feel like everyone is my family and that everyone genuinely cares about me.

Want to become part our #MyRichmondFed story? Search our current job openings and apply today.

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