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Publications that provide information and analysis that promote the public's understanding of the Bank and the Federal Reserve System, the economy of the Fifth Federal Reserve District, and economic policy issues and research.

Periodicals and special publications geared towards educating the public about economics and the functions, objectives and organization of the Federal Reserve System.

5E Navigator Higher Education

July 21, 2014 | Publication

5E Navigator - Higher Education

Information and tools to help evaluate the higher education decision.

Published by the Community Development Office of FRB Richmond, these publications profile community reinvestment opportunities, and programs and organizations that assist community and economic development projects.

The Government Affairs office provides legislators and their staff timely information on our research and resources. It also provides a more in-depth view on the publications and activities we conduct throughout our region.


May 26, 2016 | Publication

eBrief - May 2016

This edition of the eBrief includes Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker’s column on how recent legislative changes to the Fed’s structure may threaten its hybrid public-private governance framework that is crucial to monetary policy independence. The May eBrief also highlights a new web series from the Richmond Fed’s regional economists who will post about urban and regional economic issues that are of particular importance to areas within the Fifth Federal Reserve District.


April 25, 2016 | Publication

eBrief - April 2016

The April edition of the eBrief includes Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker’s latest economic outlook as well as research that evaluates the potential benefits of “living wills” or resolution plans for large financial institutions. The eBrief also highlights new updates from the Fed’s Faster Payments Task Force and research by Richmond Fed economist Marianna Kudlyak on wage growth during the Great Recession.


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