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As a regional Reserve Bank, the Richmond Fed is charged with studying the economic dynamics of our District. To achieve that goal, we are working to understand racial inequality in our region and the challenges, both past and present, facing communities of color.

Access to Credit

Workforce Development

Conference Publication

SaMMF Workshop: Discrimination in Labor Markets

This publication contains summaries of the research presented at a virtual seminar in June 2020. The papers highlighted insights from search and matching, networks, and employer learning.

Regional Differences

Baltimore Housing Policy

This issue of Community Scope focuses on the history of housing policy in Baltimore, including practices that separated residents by race, ethnicity and religion.


Neighborhoods in Bloom

This initiative invested federal grant funding in target neighborhoods from 1999-2004. It offers lessons on the impact of community development efforts in disinvested neighborhoods.

Family Portrait

Life is hard in one of Baltimore's toughest neighborhoods. But for Janice Walker and her family, it's home.

Health and Justice

The High Point Initiative

One North Carolina city sought a different way of breaking up drug markets without contributing to the higher incarceration rate of black men