Special Reports


In addition to its print and online periodicals, the Research Department has published a variety of one-time publications. A select group of these special reports are available online.

Bailout Barometer: How Large Is the Federal Financial Safety Net?

The Richmond Fed estimates that 61 percent of the liabilities of the financial system are subject to explicit or implicit protection from loss by the federal government. This protection may encourage risk taking, making financial crises and bailouts more likely.

The 50th Anniversary of the Treasury-Federal Reserve Accord

This web-exclusive supplement to the Winter 2001 special issue of Economic Quarterly includes background information, biographies of significant people involved with the historic agreement, related economic data, and references for further research.

Macroeconomic Data: A User's Guide

Selected chapters from this popular 1995 reference: "Labor Market Data," "Macroeconomic Prices and Indexes," and "National Income and Product Accounts."

Instruments of the Money Market

This 1993 publication describes the major money market instruments and the institutional arrangements of the markets in which these instruments are traded.

The Relevance of Adam Smith

Written in celebration of America's bicentennial in 1976, this article uses quotations from Adam Smith's monumental treatise, The Wealth of Nations, to illustrate how his major ideas are still widely used.

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