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Do it Scared: Cheryl's Richmond Fed Story

Cheryl Majcen

What makes the Richmond Fed succeed is each individual who brings our mission to life through their work. Today we are proud to introduce Cheryl Majcen, who didn’t let personal challenges dim her bright and infectiously positive spirit as she defined a new career path for herself with the help of her team. Here’s her #MyRichmondFed story.

“Do it scared” is Cheryl Majcen’s mantra — a lesson from Ruth Soukup’s book by the same title.

Cheryl’s #MyRichmondFed story began three years ago as an administrative assistant in our Bank’s Law Enforcement Unit (LEU), where she supported the entire team with administrative tasks, purchase orders and travel planning. If you ask anyone — both in the department and beyond — Cheryl didn’t just do her job, she did it with a smile on her face.

Cheryl’s dedication to serve her team and make a difference wasn’t contained to just our LEU department, though. Soon she helped coordinate volunteers with LEU to assist with our first Fed Family Day and RVA Illuminates events. Cheryl also serves as secretary for our Bank’s First to Serve Employee Resource Network and was a program coordinator, leading department representatives for the 2019 United Way campaign.

“My mission was to spread my positive energy to everyone,” Cheryl shares. “LEU became my second family.”

Josh & Cheryl First to Serve

Cheryl serving as secretary for First to Serve, our Employee Resource Network that harnesses the talent of veterans and first responders.

Her LEU family was supportive and loving as Cheryl navigated not only an extremely trying personal year — which might not be apparent as she continued to be a positive force for our Bank’s culture — but also as she explored what was next in her career. Team members helped her overcome obstacles, explore options within the Fed and prepare for interviews. Cheryl landed a role this past December as a business analyst in National IT.

“The people I’ve met at the Bank have played a pivotal role in who I am and where I am today,” Cheryl says. “They taught and encouraged me to embrace change, have uncomfortable conversations, find my voice, take chances, never give up and find my new normal.”

In her new role, Cheryl supports the chief information security officer and her leadership team, working on a variety of projects, including the upcoming Cybersecurity Conference in March. “While it was extremely difficult to leave my LEU family and push myself out of my comfort zone, the change has been extremely positive,” Cheryl says. “My new team is supportive, sees my drive and I know they won’t let me fail.”

One of the most rewarding parts of Cheryl’s new role has been continuing to find opportunities to help others. She has shared all of her Fed knowledge and tips with a team member who recently joined the Fed as they navigate their new roles together.

Our Bank benefits from Cheryl’s commitment to “do it scared” as she stretches herself into a new role and helps transfer her skills from LEU to National IT. As she puts it, “Your growth, both personal and professional, begins where your fear ends.”

Want to be part of our #MyRichmondFed story? Apply to our open careers.

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