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Why I Went for the Intern Three-peat

Aldridge MyRichmondFed

Although summer interns only join us for 10–12 weeks, the experience carries on. Darryle Aldridge, a three-peat intern, shares what a Fed internship meant to him. Read his #MyRichmondFed story:

I remember it like it was yesterday. That moment when I received the call that I got my Human Resources internship at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. What started as an uneventful day suddenly became memorable.

I immediately called my mom to tell her the news. My entire mood shifted. I felt unstoppable. Knowing that I was on track to what could be a long, prosperous and fulfilling career gave me a feeling of giddiness that I carried with me the entire day. Three internships later, that giddy feeling is still there. Although now it is complemented by a feeling of certainty that the Fed is where I want to begin my career.

As an intern, I have done numerous informational interviews all over our Bank and worked on a lot of different projects — all of which I enjoyed and learned from. However, the moment I realized the Federal Reserve was the place I wanted to be was completing a project on allyship. Working on this project allowed me to use the skills I learned as an English major and Gender Studies minor at the University of Virginia. It also helped me gain a better understanding of how to approach the topics dealing with diversity, equity and inclusion within a workplace setting.

More important, spearheading this revealed many things about our Bank as a workplace. That summer, many efforts at our Bank were made towards racial equity. Working on this project and attending Let’s Connect sessions showed me our Bank is an organization that cares about its employees and the communities it serves. Doing this also solidified my belief that the summer internship program is a program of substance. This project was important. It went through various people and departments prior to publication. Despite this, there was no hesitancy to let me — an intern — take the reins.

What truly completes my internship experience are the people I got to do such meaningful work with every day. With all my internships being virtual, I can count on one hand the number of times I have been inside our Bank. Most of the people I work with daily I have yet to meet in person. Despite this, the connections and relationships made during my internships are genuine. My managers supported my curiosity by allowing me to take on projects outside my department, and my mentor fielded a myriad of questions from me. They are just a few of the countless individuals who made my time as a three-peat intern so enjoyable.

This internship is my last. Although I won’t be able to repeat as an intern, I’m thrilled to be coming back as a Discover Analyst in June to start what I hope to be a long future with the Fed!

Want to follow in Darryle’s footsteps? The application to our 2022 summer internship program is now open.

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