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The Richmond Fed’s Commitment to Racial Equity

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We are deeply disturbed by the pain that our communities of color are experiencing, and we share an abiding concern for individuals, families, and communities who have suffered from racial inequity, discrimination, and violence for many years. Let us be clear—we denounce racism and associated acts of hatred.

As our nation has witnessed recent and continued injustices, we’ve come together across the Richmond Fed to support each other, to share our perspectives and experiences, and to listen, learn, and empathize. Our colleagues have shared with honesty and vulnerability their personal experiences as people of color in this country—fearing for their safety and voicing the deep and daily manifestations of these systemic issues. We have reaffirmed our shared values of respect for one another and the importance of diversity, inclusion, and racial equality inside and outside our organization. And these conversations have resulted in a collective call to action to help heal and improve our communities.

Through the work that we do, our nearly 2,800 employees share a commitment to and responsibility for creating lasting change in our communities through efforts to promote economic inclusion and to benefit low- and moderate-income communities; bringing a critical eye to economic issues that impact households, unemployment disparities based on education, and labor market dynamics; and developing financial literacy resources for school children and adults, as well as partnerships with local schools to support and develop their students.

We know we still have much work to do as an organization and as individuals. In the weeks and months ahead, the Richmond Fed will focus outward to strengthen our efforts to address economic, educational, and other socioeconomic disparities that exist, in part, because of racial inequities that persist. We’ll also continue our open and meaningful conversations within our organization to build knowledge, promote equality, and find solutions to further support the healing of our communities and help move forward as a nation.

Tom Barkin, President and Chief Executive Officer

Becky Bareford, First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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