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This quarterly academic journal contains articles on monetary theory and policy, banking and finance, and the payment system. Its predecessor, Economic Review, was published from 1974 to 1992.

Issue Title Author(s)
Fourth Quarter 2011 Accounting for the Non-Employment of U.S. Men, 1968-2010 Marianna Kudlyak
Thomas A. Lubik
Jonathan Tompkins
Fourth Quarter 2011 Strategic Behavior in the Tri-Party Repo Market Huberto M. Ennis
Fourth Quarter 2011 K-Core Inflation Alexander L. Wolman
Fourth Quarter 2011 The Cost of Unanticipated Household Financial Shocks: Two Examples Kartik B. Athreya
Urvi Neelakantan
Third Quarter 2011 Introduction to the Special Issue on Modern Macroeconomic Theory Andreas Hornstein
Third Quarter 2011 A Perspective on Modern Business Cycle Theory Nobuhiro Kiyotaki
Third Quarter 2011 Financial Frictions in Macroeconomic Fluctuations Vincenzo Quadrini
Third Quarter 2011 Macroeconomics with Heterogeneity: A Practical Guide Fatih Guvenen
Third Quarter 2011 Recent Developments in Economic Growth Diego Restuccia
Second Quarter 2011 Legal Protection to Foreign Investors Juan Carlos Hatchondo
Leonardo Martinez
Second Quarter 2011 Sectoral Disturbances and Aggregate Economic Activity Nadezhda Malysheva
Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte
Second Quarter 2011 Financial Firm Resolution Policy as a Time-Consistency Problem Borys Grochulski
Second Quarter 2011 Should Central Banks Raise Their Inflation Targets? Some Relevant Issues Bennett T. McCallum
First Quarter 2011 A Regional Look at the Role of House Prices and Labor Market Conditions in Mortgage Default Sonya Ravindranath Waddell
Anne Davlin
Edward S. Prescott
First Quarter 2011 Housing and the Great Recession: A VAR Accounting Exercise Samuel E. Henly
Alexander L. Wolman
First Quarter 2011 Optimal Contracts for Housing Services Purchases Borys Grochulski
First Quarter 2011 Mortgage Reform and the Countercyclical Role of the Federal Housing Administration's Mortgage Mutual Insurance Fund Brent C Smith
Issue Title Author(s)
Fourth Quarter 2010 Monetary Policy and Global Equilibria in a Production Economy Tim Hursey
Alexander L. Wolman
Fourth Quarter 2010 Hidden Effort, Learning by Doing, and Wage Dynamics Arantxa Jarque
Fourth Quarter 2010 News Shocks and Business Cycles Per Krusell
Alisdair McKay
Fourth Quarter 2010 Risk Sharing, Investment, and Incentives in the Neoclassical Growth Model Emilio Espino
Juan M. Sanchez
Third Quarter 2010 Earned Income Tax Credit Recipients: Income, Marginal Tax Rates, Wealth, and Credit Constraints Kartik B. Athreya
Devin Reilly
Nicole B. Simpson
Third Quarter 2010 Instability and Indeterminacy in a Simple Search and Matching Model Michael U. Krause
Thomas A. Lubik
Third Quarter 2010 How Large Has the Federal Financial Safety Net Become? Nadezhda Malysheva
John R. Walter
Third Quarter 2010 The Politics of Sovereign Defaults Juan Carlos Hatchondo
Leonardo Martinez
Second Quarter 2010 Inflation Measure, Taylor Rules, and the Greenspan-Bernanke Years Yash P. Mehra
Bansi Sawhney
Second Quarter 2010 Monetary Policy with Interest on Reserves Andreas Hornstein
Second Quarter 2010 Are Wages Rigid Over the Business Cycle? Marianna Kudlyak
Second Quarter 2010 Changes in Monetary Policy and the Variation in Interest Rate Changes Across Credit Markets Devin Reilly
Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte
First Quarter 2010 Introduction to the Special Issue on the Diamond-Dybvig Model Edward S. Prescott
First Quarter 2010 Bailouts Edward J. Green
First Quarter 2010 On the Fundamental Reasons for Bank Fragility Huberto M. Ennis
Todd Keister
First Quarter 2010 Inside-Money Theory after Diamond and Dybvig Ricardo de O. Cavalcanti
First Quarter 2010 Monetary Theory and Electronic Money: Reflections on the Kenyan Experience William Jack
Tavneet Suri
Robert Townsend
Issue Title Author(s)
Fall 2009 Heterogeneity in Sectoral Employment and the Business Cycle Nadezhda Malysheva
Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte
Fall 2009 Inventories and Optimal Monetary Policy Thomas A. Lubik
Wing Leong Teo
Fall 2009 Dynamic Provisioning: A Countercyclical Tool for Loan Loss Reserves. Eliana Balla
Andrew McKenna
Fall 2009 The U.S. Establishment-Size Distribution: Secular Changes and Sectoral Decomposition Samuel E. Henly
Juan M. Sanchez
Summer 2009 Distortionary Taxation for Efficient Redistribution Borys Grochulski
Summer 2009 The Behavior of Household and Business Investment over the Business Cycle Kausik Gangopadhyay
Juan Carlos Hatchondo
Summer 2009 Short-Term Headline-Core Inflation Dynamics Yash P. Mehra
Devin Reilly
Summer 2009 Why Could Political Incentives Be Different During Election Times? Leonardo Martinez
Spring 2009 Estimating a Search and Matching Model of the Aggregate Labor Market Thomas A. Lubik
Spring 2009 The Consolidation of Financial Regulation: Pros, Cons, and Implications for the United States Sabrina R. Pellerin
John R. Walter
Patricia Wescott
Spring 2009 Should Increased Regulation of Bank Risk-Taking Come from Regulators or from the Market? Robert L. Hetzel
Spring 2009 Monetary Policy in the 2008--2009 Recession Robert L. Hetzel
Winter 2009 Problems for a Fundamental Theory of House Prices Andreas Hornstein
Winter 2009 Indeterminacy from Inflation Forecast Targeting: Problem or Pseudo-Problem? Bennett T. McCallum
Winter 2009 Semiparametric Estimation of Land Price Gradients Using Large Data Sets Kevin A. Bryan
Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte
Winter 2009 Consumption Smoothing and the Measured Regressivity of Consumption Taxes Kartik B. Athreya
Devin Reilly
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