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Economic Brief

June 2022, No. 22-23

In the OTC market for credit default swaps, some investors are more central within the trading network than others.

June 2022, No. 22-22

Diffusion indexes can help summarize survey responses, but they have some limitations.

June 2022, No. 22-21

Perhaps history can be a guide on whether central banks should issue digital currencies.

June 2022, No. 22-20

Even exploring a CBDC without ultimately issuing one can provide significant benefits.

June 2022, No. 22-19

Among the topics covered at the Marvin Goodfriend conference were Fed bond facilities' impact on corporate credit risk and how trade leads to a global Phillips curve.

May 2022, No. 22-18

When immigration is restricted in rural areas, native workers don't seem to fill the jobs left empty.

May 2022, No. 22-17

Commonly used summary statistics for measuring the Black-White wealth gap have significant limitations. Here's a measure to help address these limitations.

May 2022, No. 22-16

Unlike in other recessions, women's labor force participation was impacted more than men's. What impact did child care have?

April 2022, No. 22-15

Based on different sets of reasonable assumptions, we analyze several different scenarios for the future of this critical policy-relevant lever.

April 2022, No. 22-14

Evidence highlights the nuanced ways in which participants in the financial markets may be strategically adapting to climate change.

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