Working Papers

The following papers were written by Richmond Fed economists, in some cases in collaboration with outside economists. They represent work prepared for later publication or presentation to professional meetings. They are circulated in this series for purposes of discussion and comment only.

November 2015, No. 15-14

Intergenerational Linkages in Household Credit

Andra C. Ghent and Marianna Kudlyak

November 2015, No. 15-13

Measurement Errors and Monetary Policy: Then and Now

Pooyan Amir-Ahmadi, Christian Matthes and Mu-Chun Wang

September 2015, No. 15-10

Approximating Time Varying Structural Models With Time Invariant Structures

Fabio Canova, Filippo Ferroni and Christian Matthes

June 2015, No. 15-08

Innovation, Deregulation, and the Life Cycle of a Financial Service Industry

Fumiko Hayashi, Bin Grace Li and Zhu Wang

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