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Working Papers

December 2021, No. 21-16

We use a detailed establishment-level dataset from Germany to document a new dimension of firm heterogeneity: large firms spend a higher share of their wage bill on immigrants than small firms.

Agostina Brinatti and Nicolas Morales

September 2021, No. 21-15

We use survey data to document a strong heterogeneity in stated degrees of worry about environmental problems across racial groups.

Ranie Lin, Lala Ma and Toan Phan

August 2021, No. 21-13R

How do local government borrowing, default, and migration interact? We find in-migration results in excessive debt accumulation due to a key externality: Immigrants help repay previously issued debt.

Grey Gordon and Pablo Guerrón-Quintana

July 2021, No. 21-12R

Sometimes money gets used when it should not, and we investigate why using surveys plus measures.

Janet Hua Jiang, Peter Norman, Daniela Puzzello, Bruno Sultanum and Randall Wright

July 2021, No. 21-11

We study the implications of incarceration for the earnings and employment of different groups, characterized by their race, gender, and education.

May 2021, No. 21-09

While the savings of retired singles tend to fall with age, those of retired couples tend to rise. We estimate a rich model of retired singles and couples with bequest motives and uncertain longevity and medical expenses.

Mariacristina De Nardi, Eric French, John Bailey Jones and Rory McGee

March 2021, No. 21-07

Many countries have industrialized and grown rapidly by adopting modern technologies. Why don't poor countries adopt more productive technologies? Is there a role for policies that coordinate technology adoption?

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