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Economic Brief

September 2023, No. 23-31

The factors include intrinsic persistence, indexation, fiscal policy and unanchoring of expectations.

September 2023, No. 23-30

What is the typical lag between market interest rate increases and increases in CD and MMMF balances? Is the recent increase unusually large, or is more in store?

August 2023, No. 23-29

How far behind did students get during the pandemic, why did they get behind, and how can they catch up?

August 2023, No. 23-28

Workers seem to be in favor, but urban cores may hurt as a result.

August 2023, No. 23-27

Many use mortgage spreads as a gauge of market stress, but they actually seem to gauge something else.

August 2023, No. 23-26

The current cycle appears to be unique in how inflation has moved during this most recent series of rate hikes.

Conner Mulloy, Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte and Erin Henry

August 2023, No. 23-25

Severe weather shocks can have long-lasting impacts on the macroeconomy.

July 2023, No. 23-24

A 2020 paper on market power has ignited considerable attention, follow-up and criticism.

July 2023, No. 23-23

How much should imitators compensate innovators for using their ideas?

July 2023, No. 23-22

Higher borrowing costs for a sovereign can impact its GDP, consumption and investment, among other items.

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