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Economic Brief

March 2023, No. 23-09

FTX and its affiliated arms seemed to create a risky situation that ultimately fell apart.

Jonathan Chiu and Russell Wong

March 2023, No. 23-08

Moves toward stable inflation and maximum employment can be in conflict in the short term.

February 2023, No. 23-07

Just by allowing the securities in its portfolio to mature, the Fed could reach a normalized size of its balance sheet in two to three years.

February 2023, No. 23-06

The startup rate has been declining for decades, but another measure of business growth has spiked since the pandemic started.

February 2023, No. 23-05

Some believe declines in physical-asset prices prior to recessions make the recessions worse, but recent literature challenges the strength of that connection.

February 2023, No. 23-04

Improving such restructurings have garnered additional attention as sovereign debt has increased significantly in the past couple of years.

January 2023, No. 23-03

These surveys may not be highly accurate, but they shed light on what consumers are thinking about inflation.

January 2023, No. 23-02

Among the topics discussed were income growth volatility, AI's impact on productivity and how housing price changes affect young businesses.

January 2023, No. 23-01

Seemingly small international trade linkages can lead to substantial spillovers across countries, helping explain global comovement in GDP growth and inflation across countries.

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