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Economic Brief

December 2023, No. 23-42

Had U.S. immigration been more restrictive, the IT sectors in both the U.S. and India might have been worse off.

Gaurav Khanna and Nicolas Morales

December 2023, No. 23-41

Do higher-ability workers naturally find their way to higher-productivity firms?

December 2023, No. 23-40

The Center for Advancing Women in Economics discusses how representation can improve.

November 2023, No. 23-39

Portfolio composition varies widely among age groups.

November 2023, No. 23-38

An alternative measure of profits — the price-cost markup — suggests that its contribution to inflation in the nonfinancial corporate business sector was rather small.

November 2023, No. 23-37

The evolving behavior of sectoral inflation complicates focusing on aggregate trends.

November 2023, No. 23-36

Jobs held by temporary workers aren't included in the official tally of job creation and job destruction, which leads to significantly underestimating the magnitude of labor market flows.

October 2023, No. 23-35

A lot of factors influenced the banking turmoil of 2023. This article provides perspectives on some of those factors.

October 2023, No. 23-34

Agents for homebuyers are typically paid a percentage of the final sale price, so the more their clients spend on a house, the more money they make.

October 2023, No. 23-33

What impacts can be seen based on the type of collateral used by businesses?

Arun Gupta, Horacio Sapriza and Vladimir Yankov

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